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For last weeks Astronaut challenge, 52 accounts earned a common, 40 earned a sticky, 14 earned a berry and 13 earned a golden!

The Final Challenge

It’s been over a month and a half since hotcakes took the WAX world off its feet! In that time we’ve minted over 7400 Sticker NFTs and have had over 170 people link their account in telegram. Great work everyone!

Series 1

Series 1 is coming to an end! Take a look at the codex to view all of the stickers that have been released so far.

As of right now Series 1 will have 40 total stickers. This number may increase depending on future promos, but that should make it no more than 45.


In case you didn’t know, each telegram…

To celebrate Halloween, we’re giving away free promo Jack-O’-Lantern stickers to anyone who participates in this halloween costume giveaway!

The Giveaway

A nice break from this weeks super hard astronaut challenge, this giveaway does not require that you own any stickers at all! Instead all you have to do is change your telegram profile photo to a hotcakes sticker. Think of it as a pandemic halloween costume. I’ve included links to some high-quality stickers that you can use. If you want a profile photo for a sticker that does not exist below, you can request it!



Bald Eagle

For last weeks Bigfoot challenge, 66 accounts earned a common, 51 earned a sticky, 25 earned a berry and 25 earned a golden!

The Challenge

There have been a lot of great stickers in the hotcakes series 1 collection! This is the official codex of every series 1 hotcakes sticker.

A lot has happened in hotcakes land over the last week. We introduced two new games, Sticker Fisher and Sticker Stealer! Each game has 3 exclusive NFTs that can only be obtained by playing the games.

For last weeks Hot Dog challenge, 76 accounts earned a common, 57 earned a sticky, 21 earned a berry and 16 earned a golden!

The Challenge

What is Sticker Stealer?

Sticker Digger and Sticker Fisher are great games… but I have a feeling you are all getting a bit lonely playing them solo. In this game, you search for NFTs like normal, except now there’s a chance that other people can swipe your reward right out from under your nose (…and you can swipe them too)

To start playing, you need to own at least 1 hotcakes NFT. If you want to be able to steal rewards, you also need to own at least 1 Hungry Bear sticker.

Join the game room here

How to Play

First you keep searching until you…

Welcome to hotcakes on WAX! hotcakes are virtual sticker NFTs that you can sell, trade and earn on the WAX blockchain. Each sticker has a wacky character on it and a different rarity.

What is Sticker Fisher?

If you love playing Sticker Digger you are going to feel right at home playing Sticker Fisher! In this game, you drop your line in the water and hope to reel up some exclusive NFTs!

To start playing, you need to join the game room and own at least 1 sea creature hotcakes NFT (Little Shark, Angler Fish, Great White, Koi, Swordfish, Piranha, Whale).

How to Play

First you drop your line in the water using the /drop command. You keep dropping your line until you get a bite (the deeper you go the better the chance for a rare NFT). …

Thanks to everyone who has been active in the community so far! Here are some hotcakes stats- for last weeks Great White challenge, 56 wallets earned a common, 24 wallets earned a sticky, 14 earned a berry and 12 earned a golden!

Now for some Sticker Digger numbers. As of writing this post, 636 rewards have been found by people digging! Of those 636, 4 have been golden stickers. The last sticker left to be found is the golden Viking Helmet. Once that one is dug up, the game will be refreshed (there may be some new rules) and there…


Creator of hotcakes on wax

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